Monday, January 17, 2011

Networking for Success prelude Guest blog by Angela Samuels

Networking requires people to confront their fear of talking to other people that carries a risk of rejection and great opportunity.

Many people have a distorted view of marketing. They believe that marketing is only used for the marketers own advancement. This can not be farthest from the truth. They think of profiting from other people's efforts as something that is negative and not fair to them. In reality, successful networkers will tell you that it doesn't work that way at all. Networking doesn't have to be at anybody's expense and the business of network marketing doesn't reward anyone for taking advantage of others. It actually rewards people for helping other people to succeed. In that respect it may very well be the most ethical business model in the world today.

A lot of the negativity around networking can be explained by the different types of networkers. Some can be considered 'hunters', moving in for a quick kill, after which they move out again. They often operate without regard of the other person’s interest and because of this they will enjoy the fruits of success for only a limited period of time. Often it will not take long before people find out what's really driving the hunter. Once they see that he or she is only looking after his or her own interests, their willingness to interact with this person will quickly evaporate. By contrast, truly successful networkers are often 'farmers' who spend a lot of time sowing and nourishing their relationships, instead of just focusing on reaping. They invest in their network, they energize their network. They use their network, but they never ever abuse their network! And their network knows this. A true networker will always keep the interests of others in mind. That's why working with a true networker is so enjoyable. Networkers are often very likeable and as such people like to interact with them.

Networking is a skill that is essential to all businesses not just network marketing. Although network marketing differs in many ways from the more traditional forms of doing business, the importance of networking is just as prevalent. If not more so. Network marketing is first and foremost a people business and this implies that the ability to effectively work with people is absolutely critical. Business owners who have started a network marketing home based business on the side often apply their enhanced networking and people's skills in their traditional business with great success. Eight months ago I started really studying networking and how it can help me to improve my business. I’ve gained so much knowledge and expertise in that time by reading a lot of books on network marketing. My business is continuously growing with my new found knowledge. Currently, I’m reading a book called The Likeability Factor by Tim Sanders it has helped me to build bridges with my network.

So whether you are in network marketing or in a more traditional type of business, don't underestimate the importance of becoming an effective networker. And if you really want to master this skill you may find there is a lot to learn from good network marketers. So if you happen to know anybody that fits that description, try and benefit from their knowledge on the topic. It will surely help you network your way to success!

On January 22, 2011 I’ll be doing a presentation on specifics about being successful in networking at the Black Women in Business Brainstorm meeting. Join us. At the meeting I’ll also have copies of Charlene Proctor’s books “Let Your Goddess Grow!” and The Women's Book of Empowerment. I’m the marketing and communications coordinator for Charlene Proctor, a best selling spiritual author.

Angela Samuels is a distributor for SendOutCards, entrepreneur, creator of and a marketing coordinator for a bestselling spiritual author. She received her bachelor’s degree in business at Eastern Michigan University and later received her masters from Wayne State University instructional technology.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge so freely. My experience has been in healthcare so I am a newbie to business and marketing strategies, but I'm throughly intrigued and can't wait to learn more.

    This is my first time visiting this blog but I am very interested in becoming a member.

  2. Great Post of knowledge. It is so nice to know there are other great black women who are simply trying to change the world for the better and are not afraid to share what they know. Thanks!