Saturday, December 18, 2010

Running Your Business Like Monopoly...

Recently I presented at a meeting comparing our business and professional goals to the game of Monopoly. In Monopoly you are asked to negotiate, collect money, pay bills, etc. Businesses require the same needs. When you start the game of Monopoly you are given $1500.
I posed the question to the group if you had extra money for professional endeavors what would you do with it?
If we think about it we actually have an extra lump sum of revenue in potential barters, partnerships and opportunities if we take some time to truly look deeper at our networks-it is there. Who could you help out in your circle with advice and skill that could save or earn them additional capitol? The best question is who is taking away valuable time from your schedule that you could use to service your clients?
A little bit of homework for you:
1.) Write down a goal that you would like to accomplish with your current revenue
2.) Journal extra revenue streams that can allow you to accomplish some of your goals that have been outstanding on your list
3.) Have you been using your money in the wisest way? Jot down how you will rectify this if you have not and pat yourself on the back if you have.
4.) Are you using your time wisely? Time is money.
Our next BWBB meeting is January 22nd but go ahead and reserve your level today. We are a group of professionals that believe in the power of promoting, connecting and enhancing our potential. The Black Women in Business Brainstorm is open to any and everyone who wants to grow and network in a positive environment.

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