Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Empowered to dream

Let's chat a bit about dreams.
I have met so many people who have told me about the remarkable goals that they have. When I ask them what they are doing to make these dreams and goals a reality sometimes I am met with silence and a bowed head.
Do you have dreams deferred?
Are you working on your goals?
The roadblocks that can prevent one from reaching their potential comes in many different forms. Who are you around? Do you surround yourself with positive people? Those that believe in you and help you or those who are critical and negative about your progress?
Take an inventory of your crowd and you may discover roses and thorns amongst you.
Decide what you need to do to keep your dreams from being crushed by others.
In order for us to be empowered to make our dreams come true we must squash negative energy. It may mean that a gentle conversation needs to take place amongst the friends that are making you feel bad about your goals. Give the benefit of the doubt-they may not know that they are discouraging you. If the behavior continues after the talk you may have to have another chat and if it still does not change you may want to change your circle or what you communicate to this person.
Our dreams are our babies and need to be protected at all costs. Nurture them, allow them to grow, Seek coaching, books and groups that are relevant to a successful outcome.
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