Monday, February 21, 2011

Transition and Transforming: Careers in our generation

Many of us remember being told that we need to go to college and find a good job. Discussion over. Today the rules have changed. In many cases we make them up ourselves. Going to college is still a great idea. The experience, relationships and curriculum prepares students for this adventure that we call the real world. The game-changer is the job. Do we work for someone? Invest our talents, ideas and hard work and plan on this being our sole career purpose? Do we take a chance and begin our own venture to see if it can pay the bills? Do we do both? What about life balance? What about our social-life?
These are all great matters to consider and the answer is different for everyone. We have a special treat coming up this Saturday with Tiffani Stokley as our featured presenter. She will be leading a discussion on Career Transition. So please register because you don't want to miss this one. Join us for a productive time of Networking, continental breakfast and promoting your business goals and career needs.
The BWBB is committed to helping you take your idea from thought to thriving. We are equal opportunity and invite anyone with a positive attitude to join us.

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